$10 is enough.

So this past Friday, me and two of my very best girlfriends (we're sort of stuck together like the three-headed dog, Fluffy, from Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone) went to a local college bar around 9 p.m. in order to take full advantage of their drink special--$10 AUCD from 5 p.m. until 1 a.m. Pretty good deal, right? Well, obviously we we're trying to be somewhat responsible by not arriving until 9, thinking that 9 to 12, 3 hours, would be the perfect amount of time before we left and went to dance at another bar. It turned out that we were right: 3 hours of nonstop vodka waters proved to be plenty enough time to get completely inebriated. During the three hours we played at the bar, some interesting things happened:

1) A girl arrived a few minutes after we did, stumbled her way to the stage where the band was setting up, and promptly laid down for bed:

Now, don't get the wrong idea. I'm generally a nice, sweet girl, but certain things are just too good not to make fun of, and I know that had I been in Drunk Girl's position, I would have expected to be made fun of. So of course, after taking this picture, Fluffy ruthlessly cracked jokes about her, entertaining us for a solid five minutes. Her boy friend eventually went over and convinced her to get up and stand/lay against a wall instead.

2) After some people cleared out at the bar, we grabbed stools so we could actually sit in the bartender's face and properly order (& pound) drinks. Upon sitting down, J stated that a guy across the bar was staring into her soul. Of course, D and myself whipped our heads around to look at who she was talking about. Thus, making eye contact with him ourselves and turning away just as quickly, while laughing. This happened all night long. Drunk Soul Searcher downed more and more alcohol and his looks proceeded to get more and more deep. We eventually decided he looked like an old "friend" from Ireland and did our best to keep out of his line of vision. Maybe one day I'll share that story.

3) We started a photoshoot to entertain ourselves while we let the alcohol consume our mind and blanket our decision making. Here are some of the most interesting shots. Take them for what you may:

and 4) Upon leaving and trying to get a cab to take us to our next destination, a bar that we can go to and dance to 90s music all night long, we met this fine, upstanding citizen:

I'm still unsure of his purpose, but thoroughly glad we got to experience his music.

EDIT: J informed me this afternoon that this picture was taken by a cop and his cop friend, who apparently really, really loved us. Serious.

After arriving at the next bar and meeting up with some squirrelly people, we danced all night while our minds were in between the stages of very, very, very intoxicated and full on blackout. The night ended with D in some questionable situations; me & J getting dropped off by D's boyfriend, only to run upstairs to the apartment we share to order Jimmy John's and practice cheerleading stunts.

Whenever the three of us go out together, just us, the night is always increasingly more hilarious. I'm pretty sure none of us are normal, not even slightly.

On a different note, I finished reading Twilight at the pool today. I needed to see who this Edward Cullen person was, and I'll admit, I really liked it. I'm joining the bandwagon.

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J: JCrew headwrap, Guess? shorts, random (but much loved) leopard shirt
D: Dorothy Perkins dress
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