dominated by foreign power?

I've just spent the last couple hours catching up on Project Runway and creating a ridiculous amount of online shopping bags. It isn't even anything too ridiculous, just loads of basics from American Apparel, a ton of random and COMPLETELY NECESSARY (and by that i mean seriously unnecessary) stuff from Forever 21, and whole lot of shoes from Victoria's Secret. They're actually surprisingly excellent when it comes to buying awesome shoes.

Lately I've been feeling so...weird. I feel like everything I do is out of character, but then I can't help but think that maybe it isn't out of character. Maybe this is me and I was just so consumed with other things before that I didn't really know who I was. Or more that I lost who I am and I'm finally, slowly but surely, rediscovering myself. Whatever it is, it's bizarre. I've been making decisions that I cannot decide whether or not I regret. It is, for lack of a better phrase, mind-boggling. Today while my friend M and I were discussing life and chain-smoking clove cigarettes on the balcony, she pretty much summed it up with her claim: "I had a liberation!"

Okay, so, I am extremely embarrassed to admit that out of pure curiosity, I have fallen into the tweenage obsession that is Twilight. The writing isn't anything out of the ordinary and the love story is cheesier than anything Nicholas Sparks ever wrote, but I just can't help it. I even picked up the first book and told myself "this isn't your style, why are you purchasing this, just see the movie and let it be." However, not only did I like the first book, I finished the second book in less that 24 hours. I am 21 years old. This is inappropriate. And it's such a shallow obsession because I honestly would not be so obsessed if Robert Pattinson wasn't playing Edward Cullen in the movie. Sick.

This needs to stop right now, I am not 13.

Anyway, Monday night, M & I went to indie night at a bar here and did a ridiculous amount of raging. Of course, I have no pictures because I was much too busy dancing. It was a really fun night and my favorite part was discovering that one of my favorite bars sells one of my favorite (guilty pleasure!) alcoholic beverages--Sparks. Honestly it is such a silly (and not to mention extremely unhealthy) drink, but it's so much fun. After coming home that night I discovered some new music and had a bit of fun.

I leave you with this, all of which have proven true to their word:

Pronunciation: \ˈli-bə-ˌrāt\
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): lib·er·at·ed; lib·er·at·ing
Etymology: Latin liberatus, past participle of liberare, from liber
Date: circa 1623
1: to set at liberty : free; specifically : to free from domination by a foreign power
: to free from combination
: to take or take over illegally or unjustly

Uncharacteristically reckless behavior. Goodnight, love.


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oh wow so you're from Orlando? Do you still live there? My boyfriend and I try and go every summer, its perfect for us, we always say its meant to be because his name is Orlando and my nickname is Mickie, hahah. I went to the Fendi outlet store at the Premium outlets, they actually had the most amazing pair of brown and teal mary janes for $200 that I keep thinking about. The shopping is pretty fantastic, Americans are so lucky shopping wise because even regularly priced things are usually $60-100 more here in good ol Canada(especially on designer goods). Therefore, I stick to online shopping and my piggy bank for when I return to the US lol. I miss it already! I was wondering though if you've ever been to the Victoria Secret outlet because I didn't get a chance to visit it.