honestly, i should really stop

It's been such a busy week! But, I really wouldn't have had it any other way...When I get bored, I go nuts because I'm not used to feeling that way. What's that saying about idle hands? Yeah. School has started back up again, officially, and I am a senior at university, officially. And it's weird/fun/scary/but mostly creepy. I'm trying to get back in the swing of things by getting my routine down, which includes: class, work, gym, maybe out/maybe in, depending on my mood. I did alright with it this week, but I plan on doing much better next week. On my first day of class, I was clipped by a bad bicyclist, had an 85 year old man call me a bitch, and I also housed a colony of black ants in my car. What.

I'm writing to you while drinking a huge G2 Gatorade in hopes to force my headache into oblivion, but thus far it hasn't been working. All my roommates and bffs are back (finally!) so this week I went to a Dayglo bash, went to see Mamma Mia! FINALLY, tried a delish new ice cream joint, and had a fabulously drunk evening at Bullwinkles (the big kid bar) with my hood friends. It is so nice to have all my favorite pack in the same city again and free for me to annoy/crawl in bed with/wake up at 3am.

The bartender we chose to post up near was THAT bartender, the one who really wishes he was out partying himself, instead of making the drinks for the partiers, but by 2a.m. he had decided to confess his love for J and be nice. I convinced some creep that my name was Tia and I was Russian, and afterwards he (separately) asked D and I to smell his cologne. It was VS Very Sexy for Men (NO), and he bought it because the salesperson told him it had pheromones in it to attract the ladies. NO JOKE. His pick up line was: "You and your friends are really pretty. You're dressed a lot nicer than all of the ugly girls at the bar, too." Smoooooth criminal. J's lab partner came over and the two of them & D drunkenly discussed biochem or how to make a nuclear bomb or some other extraordinary scientific topic. By the end of the night, I was in tears telling D that I think I'm an epic fail sort of person and she, like a good best friend, told me I wasn't, but if I was she would love me anyway. All smiles again. And J and I shared a magical kiss. I don't know why, I guess we just really love each other? Around 1:45, we decided it was time to go, and we went our separate ways --J & D with their toyboys and me & M going home together. Then the two of us decided we wanted to go to LowerLounge and visit our friend who just got a new bartending gig there so we ran down the street at full speed so we could get there before closing time. We made it just in time by running past all the official looking bouncers and sneaking in the back door unnoticed. She was happy, she made a drink that was much too strong, and then the bouncers realized we weren't sporting a wristband and tried to make us leave. We ignored them, obviously. Do they know who we are? We are winners and we are staying. But then the bar closed, I ran into someone that I wish I didn't, and upon leaving I dropped all of my belongings all over the ground. Oh well, it was still a really, really fun night.

Oh, and I went shopping Friday morning after class (YAY!) and picked up a few things at F21 and a weirdly bright yellowish/limeish French Connection t-shirt. It has the perfect kind of baggyness and I'm sort of in love with it.

Jess, Meg, & I: F21 everything
Dawn: French Connection

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