were all gonna start a FIGHT.

I began my week with the statement "I am not going out on weekdays anymore." Thus (because this is how life works), I went out not only Tuesday, but Wednesday too. This has resulted in extreme drowsiness during daytime activity, skipping two of my classes, a sore neck from sleeping on somebody's tiny couch, losing $30 dollars, a two-hour walk home (we walked home from the bar. No, this college town is not big. BUT STILL), a Whata-sized (for those of you who don't know what Whataburger is...I'm so sorry) cheeseburger meal, a fucking sick grilled cheese, some brown rice, and a missed trip to the gym.

I debuted my new flannel-esque shirt layered over a tank and an AA bandage skirt, with my new sandals:

They are wonderful. The picture doesn't do them justice. The fringe is really fringe-y and they bandage up around my ankle with a huge zipper up the back. ZIPPER. I'm sort of obsessed with zippers right now.
Just wondering, does anyone get really, really amused about the comments people say about your outfits? When I was out a friend of mine told me I looked like a "lumberjack, but a sexy lumberjack." And then when I ran into him throughout the night it was, "dude, you're sooo bright, you are standing out like, so much" in a drunken slur. And I wore the sandals to class during the day and as I was descending down the stairs of one of my classrooms, two girls behind me were unsuccessfully trying to talk about me without me hearing:

Girl A- Look at her sandals!?
Girl B- Shh, I think she heard you!
Girl A- Whatever, they're like, between a wrestler, and like, an Indian. Like.
Girl A & Girl B- *GiGgLeZzZz* Shhh!

It's okay, their solid-hotpink/turquoise/limegreen-washed too many times-lint ball covered-Wet seal-mini dress and Rainbow sandals-outfits were really cool. No, really.

But all in all, I've had a fun last few days (tagging around with Jessie and Thomas, thanks pals), a fun weekend, and I'm happy.

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