chicken fingers and fries.

Even though it probably isn't the case, I'd like to think that football season, here at FSU, is celebrated better than it gets celebrated at most colleges. I know we have more fun than any other school in Florida (yes, more fun than you, UF). At FSU there are no limits on anything during gameday. For example, J's father came to visit for the weekend and so she took him, and myself, along with her to her boyfriend's fraternity house. The boys loved her dad. Three minutes had barely passed and someone was offering him a beer funnel. His sole reason for declining? Her little brother was along for the ride, too. A friend of ours then continued to talk to him while his eyes were closed, saying things that were much too slurred to be understood. J and I go out back a little while later to find a three-story beer funnel and a gigantic ice luge (her boyfriend's opinion on the ice luge: "Don't do it. You will get herpes and die." He's lying). After at least eight beers and a go on the ice luge (lapse of judgement, but college only happens once)...we were napping. Lesson of the day? "I'm drunk." "Good talk." And if you're going to party at a frat house, forget about BYOB, bring your own toilet paper.

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