the peach pit is back!

I love all of these looks, I cannot wait for the weather to cool off.
However, being in Florida, it wont start really getting chilly until December.
And that's LAME.
*above photographs are all The Sartorialist via style.com

I've been shopping alot recently via a nice paycheck last week and leftover scholarship money this week. I went to Target and bought some black&white LEOPARDPRINT (what else?) tights and these crazy royal blue bedazzled gladiatiors from Marshall's for $10. I think they're MIA? Dunno. Anyway, I had a lovely weekend and will seperately post pictures of that because I am at work (NAUGHTY GIRL) and all my pictures are obvi on my laptop at home. SO there!

Some of my recent buys:

Forever21. It's more like a tunic than a dress. I can't wait to wear it with black tights and patent leather oxfords. And since the weather is still swealtering, maybe opened up & thrown over a black tank and cutoff denim shorts? Yes.

Annnnnd I found a really cute Betsey Johnson bikini on sale for $40. Both pieces. Together. Equals $40. So duh, I grabbed it. The picture doesn't do it justice, and it fits like a charm. I actually look like I have a bit of boobs in it! Haha, yeah right.

PS: I'm yearning to go back to France & sit in a Parisian cafe and eat a ham&cheese; http://www.styleandthecity.com/ will do for now.

PPS: 90210??!?! YOOO. YES. LOVELOVELOVE. Kay, quit quacking out silly girl.

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