this week in (stolen) photos.

I didn't take any pictures all week. So these are all borrowed from my friends. In no particular order...

Indie Mondays, Guido Fridays, & FOOTBALL SATURDAYS.
I said I wasn't going out last week (yeah, because we all know how THAT goes). I had a good week. Went to a dance fest/rager on Monday night and Thursday I went to see The Women with my roommates. It sucked, don't see it. Friday night I went out to a club I never really go to, and even though I had alllllooootttt of fun, I still don't like to go there, so not my scene. LOL.
SATURDAY! I love game days. I don't like football at all, but having fun with my friends and drinking = yes please! Before the game, JD and I decided we needed to exercise, so we went on a literal beer run. We donned our gym clothes and went on a run to the gas station, bought an 18pack of BudSelect, and ran back. There might be something slightly wrong with our mental capabilities. The rest of the day, Jess and I shared the beer between the two of us resulting in more drunk consumption of chicken fingers and fries. We went out to one of our favorite haunts around halftime, but I was sleepy and I lost my voice (AND MY PHONE! SO SAD.), so I went home early and passsssed outttt. I just LOVE the weekends...

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