Spotted: L & J (& D. Hot mom? Hot sister? You decide) getting free drinks at the Atlanta Thrashers hockey game & repeatedly dissing UGA girls that can't hold their consumption.

Hmm. I was in ATL this weekend (Atlanta, HOTlanta, A-Town etc. etc.) with Jessie because she lives there. She broke her pinky toe completely off from the rest of her foot. Gross. Us and her mom drank too much wine at a hockey game; it was ridiculously fun. We all but died on Saturday and Sunday we obviously went shopping. OBVIOUSLY. It was fun. H&M, thank God, how I needed you in my life once more. Leather jacket, silly skirt, oversized white tee, random charcoal sweatshirt-eqse thing. I still don't know what to be for Halloween. I don't want to look like a slut. No thank you. Natasha looks lovely, si? I look like a mess. MakessensebecauseIam,duh.

GG Tonight. Ridiculous night will follow viewing.


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