in the end it's right.

It occured to me that I never did a proper London picture post.
SO, I am doing it now. Because I miss it every single day.

(Note: These are in no particular order of occurence because I suck using this blogging contraption and get really annoyed at this box when I can't easily move pictures around to fit my liking.)

J & I walking through Paris, trying to find more food.

I wear my sunglasses at night. Actually, those aren't mine.
Moonlighting in Soho, London.

Dancing at Walkabout, an Australian place.
This picture sums up our stay: blurry, happy, dancing, & fun.

Threesome night out at The White Hart.
We were asked by 3 men: "Relax your mouth and shake your head really fast."
Jessie sort of gets it right.

Before Hairspray with the Study Centre.

Unsuccessfully hailing a cab in Dublin, Ireland.
J looks impatient.

Drinking a free Guinness atop the brewery.

The Westin, Dublin hotel.
Waking up after the most bizarre night of our lives.

At Frevd, London.
Note: We might be infamous there.

Frevd, London.

Revolution Vodka Bar, Soho, London.

Champs-Elysees, Paris, France.
Caffienating myself for an extremely high cost.

Notre Dame, Paris.
Climbing endless amounts of stairs, zombie-like.

The wall outside of Abbey Studios, London.

Nicole & I at Baby Grand, Soho, London.
Or should I say Selena and Emma?

Having a french ciggarette on the streets of London.

Tube, London.
My heart holding on and never wanting to let go.

Along the Thames River, London.

Leaving our London flat for Moonlighting.

Inside of our Bloomsbury flat.
You would expect more for 1.7 million, but it was perfection.

Moonlighting, Soho, London.
This is the only night I do not remember.
And the story about it is sort of ridiculous.

Marq & I crossing Abbey Road for the 300th time.

Marq & I on our Beetles Tour outside of Paul's offices, Soho, London.
Our tour guide: borderline insane.

Taking pictures of Notre Dame, Paris.

Inside the bathroom at the theatre before Avenue Q, London.

Avenue Q.
Alot of wine = having to use the restroom too many times.
Hilarious musical.

Threesome in Bath, England.

The Edge, Soho, London.
I think this was a gay bar.
It was fun regardless.

Notre Dame, Paris.
Climbing the smallest, most endless, spiral staircase ever.
I am surprised nobody was injured.


Eiffel Tower, Paris.
Eating ice cream cone #4,768 while waiting in line.

Louis Vuitton, Champs-Elysees, Paris.

Notre Dame, Paris.
We went to mass.

At a Starbucks in Oxford, England.
Enjoying each others' company.

Oxford, England.
Hugh, the most adorable tour guide to ever give a tour.

Brown's Hostel, Dublin, Ireland.

Oliver St. John Gogarty Pub, Dublin, Ireland.
Discussing where we are staying, because it WILL NOT be Brown's Hostel.
Also, ditching our pub crawl, which was full of 80 year olds.
After the most stressful day ever, we need drinks.

Walkabout, London.
D and a mystery dancer.

London Aquarium.
Not that exciting, to be honest.
However, we saw sexing crabs and pet stingrays.

Revolution Vodka Bar, Soho, London.

Marquita's birthday at midnight.
Cake: Sainsbury's.

Dawn dancing, London.
Bloomsbury, London.
Sweet stalkerazzi picture on the way to/from Frevd.
I think to. They look sober.
The Tottenham Pub, London.
Giving death glares to a certain companion.
Kensington Palace, Kensington, London.
Jessie dropped her apple mid-picture.
Notice her defeated body language.


The Cambridge Pub, London.
J, miserable because same companion mentioned previously will not shut up.

Thames River, London.
J, unintentionally posing while waiting to board the boat.
Great Russell Street, London.
Threesome before Hairspray.

London, after Frevd.
No idea why I am modeling in the street at nearly 5a.m.
Flats at 101, Centre Point, London.

Kensington Palace, Kensington, London.
The gardens we tried to sneak into.

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Clementine said...

i love that you came to london and found moonlighting! epic club- hope you saw the roof terrace and danced with skeezy britpop boys x