Since our apartment complex doesn't allow pets, we have resorted to getting a mouse.
She's an Egyptian spiny mouse named Cleopatra and she only cost $7.
However, we didn't realize that she is a demon. She has escaped from her cage by doing acrobat moves/gymnastics/swinging from the rooftop to push the little gate wide open and demolish her cage in the process. We safety pinned it closed (with jumbo safety pins).
Then she got out again. So we taped it closed.
WTF. Every night she violently shakes the cage and tries to eat through the metal safety pins because she wants out.
I don't understand how WE LOST A MOUSE TWICE and got it back both times.
Nor do I understand why she doesn't like her home.

Anyway, here she is:

Mouse jail. No jokes.

Jessie drew this on an iPhone during class. It's Cleo working out because she's a fatty.
She has also drawn some others that I feel should be framed and sold as "contemporary art" because they're quite good.