Shannons celebrated her 21st birthday 4 months late. It was obvi themed:

Okay and now for other news:
I know that I'm making progress in my professional career when I actually care about new marketing campaigns. Microsoft using Jerry Seinfeld was really, really stupid. Failfailfail. But they knew it, and squashed it, fast. I think their newest TV commercials are fantastic. It's directly attacking Mac and the stereotypes that people have of PCs, but in a fresh and cool way. I think so anyway.

Not that I'm supporting either more than the other. I'm a PC for now, but Mac soon. Just because they are seriously cool. Right now I'm indifferent, I just think their new campaign is interesting and will be fun to watch unfold. I mean, Pharrel is a PC. That's pretty cool. I think I am babbling now.

I think I've decided on being a zombie for Halloween. I'm actually sort of excited about it. Do some cool makeup tricks. Fake blood. Ripped tights. Hotttt. Hopefully it all works out.

I have so much studying to do this weekend! I have three midterms next week. How rude right? I thought so, too. College = not always fun & games. But I sort of love school. I like going to class, taking notes, school supplies, learning new things, etc. etc. etc. I am a huge dork. Dawn's birthday is next weekend. No. Idea. What. To. Buy. Her. Ughhhh. But excited for the celebration, obvi. =)

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Krystal said...

this all looks too amazing, and i am now super jealous :)

i love your blog too, i added you to my links if you want to trade.