you are not that awkward.

This week was actually really relaxing and I didn't even get bored. Surprise! Monday night I went out with some friends and then met up with more friends later in the night. I had a surprisingly good time, even though I didn't really feel up for going out (prior to a ridiculous amount of Vodkadiet consumption). The night ended sort of wrong, but everything is a-okay now, thank Gahlinda (goodness). Who knows what went on during the weekdays besides class and work (hey, I even managed ONE successful gym trip--I'm aiming for more this week). Friday night Dawn, Marq, and I headed to our favie place for AUCD (my fave! I am not an alcoholic. Swear. Hmmm). Dawn informed me that this place has a per semester special--you can become a MEMBER for like, some crazy $60, and free entry, free drinks, etc. etc. for the entire semester. WHATTHEHEEZ. Def cannot forget about that insanity come Spring. Anyway, after perusing (stalking) the bar for potentials/someone who already has potential/and running from creeps, we left to pick up Nic and went to dance our souls into intoxicated 90s-music-heaven. FUN. The only thing missing was Dunc, who has been unfortunately bedridden. Her nighttime antics are becoming greatly missed. Dear health gods: DUDE. CEASE YOUR FIRE. SHE'S ONLY LITTLE.
Pop Quiz: I spent the rest of the weekend:
c)watching Lifetime movies
d)being in a textual relationship
e) all of the above.

PS. Does anyone watch/yearnfor True Blood on HBO? Are B-Rock and I the only twisted souls that have been sucked into this ridiculous, yet satisfying new phenom? Hope not.

PPS. ENTOURAGE. May have been the best episode yet. MAY HAVE. Ari on shrooms? Really? HIGHlarious. And OMG LLOYD!

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geri said...

you look so fabulous! i loved entourage last night too!