youcannotbeserious. you did what last night?!

Okay, my life is getting out of hand. I am having a ton of fun. I have officially decided however that I am growing up in the wrong era. My soul is stuck in the sixties. It liked the seventies and the eighties (hello, acid wash and neon, who wouldn't DIE), but it had the most fun during the sixties. HA WHO DIDN'T?! I cannot wait for Friday to come. Weeee. Went out last night, it was fun. I want to move BAD, I so do not belong here. I need more lights, more fun, more interesting conversations, more action, less locals, less beer, less same-bar-on-the-same-night nights out, less "you're hot, can I get your number" pickup lines. ETC etc. ThankgodformyfriendsorIwouldbecrazy.Ohwait,I'mcrazyanyway.

My roommates and I were discussing our Halloween costumes earlier. I was just going to take the easy way out and borrow my sister's old pirate costume from last year. But maybe I'll be something more original, because chances are some girl will be wearing the same pirate getup and I'll get angry. Jess said she was thinking about going as a nerd, via Violet Bickerstaff. I said YESYESYES. Quite poss the cutest/funnest idea, EVER. Anyone have any ideas as to what I should be? Something fun, cute, not slutty.

Seriously last night was really out of hand. I apologize, to myself, for chugging three liquorpitchers and being totally inappropriate. But whatevs, I had such a good time. And I acquired (IE: stole) these really sweetsweet neon green wayfarer type sunglasses with mirrored blue lenses from a boy at the bar. I'm so klept. YEEEAH.

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