baby you choose...you choose

Last night was really fun. The weather was good, the dancing was good, the people were good. After hanging out drinking at one bar, we walked over to another bar to do serious dancing. I requested more songs that I should have, Dawn (OH BILLY!) I have no comment, and Marquita couldn't even regulate my insanity so she just let me loose. At the first bar we also made friends with a boy, who was so drunk he started crying when we were talking to him because "you guys, I don't know why you're being mean...like you're making fun of me." Well. We were. Two pitchers of vodka/RedBull later...I go crazy:
I want to move to the city. I will live in a box. I do not care. I think my mother is finally coming to terms with this idea, thanks to my aunt, and no longer thinks I'm just talkingtalkingtalking.


white lightning said...

look at those nails!! love it. LOVE the tights too. i need those!

Leah said...

thank youuu! F21 = potential lifesaver in times of economic destruction.

Moded'amour said...

great outfit, love those tights!