clearly, they're back.

random guy [directed at me and marq]: can i guess your major?
us: sure
random: fashion merchandising.
us: absolutely not.
random: okay, fashion design.
us: nope
random: textiles?
marq: no. she's marketing, with a communications minor and i'm comm studies with a minor in sociology.
random [clearly confused]:....then why are you dressed like kurt cobain?

I think I am going to take it as a compliment, even though I'm a little unsure about it. I should probably rethink my affinity for purchasing plaid from the men's section.

PS. Sorry for the lack of pictures in these last few posts, I'm being lazy. Tomorrow will be loaded, as my weekend was actually pretty interesting.

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Isabel said...

Bahahaha! I would most definitely take this as a compliment.