i cant explain myself, im afraid, sir, because im not myself you see

Did anyone watch the VS fashion show? Disappointment all around, with the exception of all that fabulous fake hair. It was pretty boring, but stopped me from eating a second piece of pumpkin pie, so at least something good came out of it. I have done nothing all day. It was amazing.
Britney's new cd?(guiltypleasureguiltypleasureguiltypleasure) Eh. Better than her last one I suppose, but let's be real, nobody likes her because they think she's got a good voice. Her documentary on MTV was really sad. It leaves you feeling sort of empty. I'll def. be going to her show though, hopefully the Miami one because who doesn't love Miami?
I haven't been in over a year and I'm itching to lay on South Beach and sleep in the sun, then wake up and do some lazy shopping on Lincoln, and drink too much wine at a beachside dinner. Wishful thinking though, as it is wintertime and finals are already kicking my ass. But, true to form, instead of studying I am blogging, listening to Kanye on repeat, and planning vacations I can't afford. My priorities are obviously not in check.
Oh, and I def can't find my camera, I'm super upset, as I think I lost it in a cab and it's probably sitting in a pawn shop, alone & scared. I feel sort of awkward and lost without it in my possession at all times. And I'm getting sick! The scorecard currently reads--Life: 545,724, Leah: 0.
Mad propz to whoever knows what book/movie the header is from.

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Krystal said...

you should cut some fringe then, i bet you'd look divine xx