the man from nantucket

I wish I was finishing up my Christmas shopping at Macy's in Herald Sqaure right now. I heard it's open 24 hours and honestly. I just want to be in NYC. My head is all over the place right now.

Random shots from last nights antics. I think we were two of like, 25 people left in town. I'm driving home today; I can't wait to go out tonight. I have Marq's bunny (her name is Chelsea Dagger...yes after the song) in my backseat for the drive; I'm babysitting over the long holiday. She's super cute, but I'm sort of afraid she might bite me.


The Rolling Stones shirt was my dad's back in like 1981 or some kinda crazy like that. I have a couple of super old Stone's t's, but I stupidly cut the neck off most of them back in 9th grade because I thought it looked sexy. NOT. Now the necks are too wide and stretched out for me wear them anymore. Marq's wearing a cropped soccer sweatshirt from her highschool. I love when she dresses all kinds of bananas.

This may be my last post for awhile because home will be busybusybusy, so Happy Holidays and everyone have a Happy New Year! I can't wait to go crazy for New Year's Eve.


Hippy Chic said...

I have that same Stones shirt but it's reissued through the brand Trunk Ltd. ever heard of it?? If you dig bands like The Stones you should check into it.

Looks like you are having a blast!!

Happy Holidazzzzzz

Isabel said...

Looks like you had lots of fun! Merry Christmas and happy new year. :)

Krystal said...

beautiful photos and friends! xo

geri said...

lalalovees it! looks like you are living it up and having so much fun!