eleven reasons being perfect is overrated

1. It doesn't matter how much you work out, how healthy you eat, or what size your jeans are. That wont make him any better in bed.
2. Washing your jeans after every use makes them too tight and then you feel guilty for eating that piece of cheesecake. Even though it tasted heavenly.
3. When you see a happy family, chances are they have a relative in jail for some idiotic crime who owes them a couple grand.
4. Apparently, chipped nails are a new "trend." Well, I started it. It gives me more time to do my hair.
5. It's exhausting, and I'd rather sleep an extra couple of hours.
6. Okay, your rent is due in three days. But THE shoes are on salesalesale.
7. Breast implants need replacing nearly once a decade.
8. Sometimes, bed-head is just sexier.
9. You can always improve your grades if you go out the night before an exam. You can't relive that night with your friends.
10. My Chuck T's look better scuffed up.
11. Imperfections build character and that sort of unique is what makes you, well...you.

**inspired by January '09 Glamour

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