Last night we went out for my flatmate/bffe Susie's 21st birthday. It was a grand time. Mexican dinner, tequilla shots, margaritas, a house party, and topping the night off with a trip to The Strip to dance. However, it ended with maybe the worst cab ride home, EVER. The cabs I took in Europe weren't even this scary. I think he might have been on something; driving like a maniac, screaming at us, locking the doors so we couldn't leave because we were swearing. I don't know, it was so bizarre. I obviously called the cab company. Anyway, we don't have school Monday because of the holiday so my friends and I are going to hit the town again. Hey, it's senior year, we've got to live it up. Back to the grind come Tuesday. Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! PS. I just got a Blackberry & am seriously addicted to bbm. Help.
leopard pants from hot topic (thanks for pointing the blogosphere in the right direction Rumi!), forever 21 tank top & beanie, target cardi, guess shoes, betsey johnson bag (that is so beat up it should be thrown away but i love it and can't bear to part with it)


Alyssa Mae said...

love the all black!

welcome to the world of crackberry! i highly recommend getting the protective hard case, the little suckers like to jump right from your hands! =)

Isabel said...

I love those pants!!! Haha, I live in the town where Blackberrys were invented and have to say that I'm a little proud.

Mary M. said...

looove your leopard pants and beret. its all just hot

E. said...

Hot hot hot!

Song of Style said...

i love everything abt this outfit.
from head to toe.

white lightning said...


Leah said...

alyssa -- yeah, i def put a case on it. somehow i still managed to already scratch the screen...fail.

isabel -- thats cool lol, im now addicted, so thanks for that!

wl -- guess, on sale. 80 "bonez"

E. said...

Thank you, if you mean the text, you can translate it to english. Look under the header to the left. Push the button "translate this page to english"

Leah said...

ohmegee im so silly. thanks E!

Ashleigh said...

I love those pants to death...seriously....XX

liviana said...

&& the shoes would do me just fine too..
&& your hair..
&& that tank..
&& i'll take the beanie too lol

what's your wardrobe look like while we're at it?? kidding!! =P