Sorry for the lack of outfit related posting. I've been sick for like a week. Mom thinks I have bronchitis. I'm refusing the doctor right now and sticking with major bed rest.
I wanna be a boy. Gareth Pugh.
That fur, that RING, those shoes, those pants, ARE THOSE SPIKES ON HIS PANTS?!
Help, I'm convulsing.
photocred: thecobrasnake
PS. Is there like a rule for how to repsond when you get a text from an exboyfriend telling you that he made a homeade sex tape? Like are you supposed to respond? Do you assume he's lying? I'm like, so confused. Honestly. I am perplexed.
Is my interaction with the opposite sex getting more and more disturbed, or WHAT.


Isabel said...

"Are those spikes on his pants?" - That's EXACTLY what I thought upon seeing that picture.

THE BAT said...

awesome. i'll add you right. these are aaamazing. i'm in awe and i didn't even see the ring until you pointed it out. i want it!

Sophie said...

:O i'm not sure what you should say to the homemade sex tape thing. aww <3
and also, your blog is good!

Krystal said...

i love that

Alice X said...

HAHAH, your funny, i love that homemade sex thing. say something witty that i cannot come up with at the moment

kaitlyn said...

i can't stop staring at the spiked pants.

and as long as you're not the girl in the sex tape, then you don't have to say a damn thing!