monday night dance party


Somehow I managed to sign myself up for one class that STARTS at 3:35. But, I have a class before that which doesn't END until 3:45. And to top it off, they are on completely opposite ends of campus. And I need both of them to graduate on time, so no dropping for me. Two places at once? Too bad Prof Dumbledore is somewhere in wizard heaven because he could probably hook me up with a sweet time turner. I could cover it in studded black leathuuhhh. (HP Prisoner of Azkaban reference? Anyone? I'm such a geek.) I am out tonight, starting my week off right (or wrong, depending on how you look at it).


Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

Cool pic.
Good luck with your classes.

rubot said...


i just discovered your blog via lulu's and subsequently spent about an hour reading through backposts!! i love your style and all your photos are so cute!!

fancy a link exchange??

though i warn you i'm fairly new to the whole thing...

oh ps-i totally was thinking the exact same potter thought just as you mention your class clash!! geek central.

*kate* said...

i actually did the same thing before with classes and i spoke with both professors... the one told me i could not be late but the other one told me i could leave early so it all worked out... still sucks though!! good luck :)

Maverick said...

Wow, I guess that will make for an interesting semester, huh? Good luck :)

nice photo, too
x. mavi