tat tat tat it up

My friends & I got tattoos a few days ago.
While studying in London we lived on 99 Great Russell Street, in flat 16, & our post code was WC1B 3LA.
So, Jessie got a 99 on the back of her neck, I got 16 on the back of mine, and Dawn got the post code on her foot, with the idea in mind that one day her feet will lead her back home. It was fun, I love mine. Also, tattoos are highly addicting, so beware. Somehow only mine and Dawn's got a finished picture, so the 99 is missing.


Isabel said...

Amazing! Dammit, i want a tattoo.

Mary M. said...

im dying to get a tattoo and cannot figure out where to put mine! they're both adorable

Jordan said...

that's pretty intense girl!

THE BAT said...

i love these! wow this is such a cool idea! would you exchange links with me?