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I have like 8billion things to do this week. Blahhhhh. I have an exam on Friday that I have to seriously get down and dirty with tonight. Last night I randomly went out and ended up spending the entire night in the DJ booth, sort of DJing while the DJ proceded to read my blog. Talk about awkward??
Anyway, Monday night dance party resumed this week and it was great. My friend Ryan skateboards and designs and sells t-shirts. I know nothing about skateboarding, but sure, I'll take a tee. When I told him (via bbm pictures) that I was wearing RIPNDIP with sequin covered pants, his repsonse was, "You're so flashy." Welp, I must run. I promised my roommate I would clean the kitchen in between my classes today? Yeah, I know...temporary insanity when I offered that?? Maybz.
Ps. I got the Express sequin leggings on sale for $12. From $98. Yeah. I'm proud.
im weeeeearing: ripndip tee, f21 flannel shirt, express sequin leggings, guess? pumps
http://ripndipclothing.com/ - check out their website.


Ida said...

I love your peep-toes, so chic.

Good luck with the exam!

Ashleigh said...

ahhhh if you ever get bored of those leggings I will either pay you or trade you for them! im not even joking....haha

Dee said...

Sick sequin leggings!
I have a pair too and I love them to death.

filthy lust said...

you scored a bargain with those leggings! love it.

Jordan said...

i love the way you're wearing these pants! i think i actually like them now!

Alyssa Mae said...

haha. i'm stating to see those shirts everywhere!

are the leggings itchy at all?

i would say you look pretty flashy too!

Isabel said...

Plaid. Sequins. AMAZING!

Hippie Frou Frou said...

yay for sales!! nice score and outfit :))

Ryan O'Connor said...

sequins ripndip tees! duhhh

Louise said...

Magnifique tenue.