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These are from last weekend I think? I don't know. Sort of a casual Saturday night outfit...that ended up turning into some sort of dance-related mania. Apparently my moves that night rivaled the robot inspired moves I once performed during Danity Kane's "Damaged," so I'm guessing it was pretty epic.
I bought some pretty wicked leggings that I'm excited about. The stamp from last night is still on my hand as I'm sitting here drinking wine with Dawn and blogging, all while getting ready for my Friday night. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad sign or any sign at all? I hope everyone has a frenzied (the good kind) Friday night! Holla atcha lattaaa playas. (Sorry I'm currently listening Lil' Wayne's Prom Queen. Pretty fantastic. I'm sort of obsessed.)
express sweater (this sweater is amazing. srsly. it has wings that i failed to capture), express skinny 5pocket pants, guess? shoes, betsey johnson bag)

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Ashleigh said...

little wayne is my idol..haha...that bag looks pretty fan-freakin-tastic