i think marc is trying to kill me


I want to wear that purple number that Jourdan has on but with those crazy purple blue tights (shoes? tights and shoes? tights over shoes? SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!) to my senior prom. I know I'm about to graduate college, but that would NOT stop me from crashing a prom if those pieces were to magically appear in my possession. Not in the slightest. Thank you, Marc, for pushing me completely over the edge, reviving a love for color, & causing me to squeal (more like a full blown scream) in delight while trying to quietly (and obviously failing) peruse style.com in the library.


Andy Warhol said...

Oh my..fabulous!

filthy lust said...


Lains said...

Loved his whole collection. And your blog is very nice : )

{klaudia} said...

omg how did i miss this??? i adore him.

roxanne said...

exaccccctly. marc never disappoints - by which i mean, he sometimes disappoints? but he's outdone himself to such an extent this time around that i'm totally willing to pretend he can do no wrong.

She said said...

Just WOW