i've got sunshine

Last night was awesome, it was definitely a wild evening. So wild that I don't even have any pictures haha. I love my friends.
The weather here is absolutely beautiful. It's warm with a light breeze and just such perfect weather. So, today after rolling out of bed at around one, Dawn, Jessie, & I went downtown to a New Orlean's styled restaurant and sat on the deck for a couple hours eating way too much fried food and Miller Light. They have these amazing fried pickles and jalapeno poppers that sort of make me melt a bit inside when I treat myself to them. I totally would recommend. Afterwars Dawn & I got margaritas and made a trip to Border's for magazines, but they ended up having nothing I wanted. Tonight we're going to hang out at a friend's for a little and then go dancing. I have soooo much homework to do tomorrow so I need to have tons of fun tonight (and I obvi will. I always do). I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!
f21 tank & leggings
metallic silver bra from a random boutique,
guess? shoes (i know i must wear different shoes),
h&m moto jacket,
and random jewelry.


Newborn Hippy. said...

love the outfit, LOVE your blog!

Mary M. said...

god LOVE that outfit

Anonymous said...

those leggings...perfection

liviana said...

oh my lord..
that outfit is just perfection.
&& very hott on you love.

i'm loving your blog!!

liv .xo

Nicole Anne said...

great outfit,great accessories and those leggings...they leave me speechless.