Yesterday I helped Dawn move out of her apartment and into a new one. By "helped" I mean, I did cartwheels in her living room while the boys moved the furniture into the trailer. Yes, I know, I am a good friend. Afterwards, for "helping" Dawn (via her mom) took us & the boys out for dinner. We ended up going to Po'Boys downtown. The weather was great and there was a live band outside and the Miller Light was FLOWING. I planned to go home and sleep afterwards, but by the end of dinner Dawn & I were dancing on the patio and she had convinced me to keep going. We met up with my roommates and everyone and their mom went out last night, so it turned out to be a really good time. This is the only picture salvaged from the night. Via Brooke's Facebook.


Sophie said...

oh the picture is so awesome ! you all look great

Ashleigh said...

I love that shot..you always look hawwt

Isabel said...

I love your shirt!

Anonymous said...

i love your style
would you like to exchange links?

Anonymous said...

you guys all look adorable,thanks for the link am adding you bavk right away!

pangea said...

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