The last question I posted got some pretty interesting answers, as I thought it would seeing as how it's such an emotionally charged topic in a lot of instances. I think that girls and guys can totally be just friends, it's just about balance. Meaning if you want to be best friends, you shouldn't have sleepovers, cuddle, or give goodnight kisses. Unless of course the aforementioned male is a gay husband. You should stick to movies where you pay separately and shopping for shoes during the afternoon. Mostly I mean that it's pretty difficult, because usually someone ends up with feelings that are more than friendship. Crushes are inevitable, but if you respect the person and you respect the friendship things should be gravy baby. You also shouldn't send pictures of all the dirty things one finds in a porn shop or send texts to that person after 1 a.m. on a alcohol-filled Saturday night. These are just my thoughts.

Next up, seeing as how this is my first post for February:

Valentine's Day? Thoughts? Opinions? Do you put a lot of emphasis on the holiday or ignore it as just any other Saturday? What are your plans? Dread the store displays or secretly love the cheesiness of it all?


Wanderlusting said...

I hate Valentines Day..and I HAVE a lovely boyfriend. It sucks when you are single cuz it gets rubbed in your face that you don't have anyone to love. And it sucks - for me - when you are together because there is always some girl bragging about all the loot she scored.

My boyfriend simply can't afford to buy me diamonds or take me out for fancy meals. And if he could, he certainly wouldn't do it on a day that he's "expected" to.

Just my two cents. Seems the only ones who like Valentine's Day are the girls who get overtly spoiled.

Sadly, these same girls are usually deprived the rest of the year.

Nay said...

like the blog ;-)

Anonymous said...

i agree with wanderlusting... for some couples, its just one day where they do all this extravagant stuff for one another but the next day, its the same old relationship. i hate how some people just think its about appreciating their love for ONE day because it should 356 days/yr

valentines is a day about love and respect and this is something should be reflected everyday to your partner, not just on valentines day. I mean.. i guess thats what really bugs me about the day itself.

HOWEVER i do have a boyfriend and last valentines he said everyday is like valentines for us. i guess on valentines i just get a few added perks that i usually don't get on an average day.

i secretly love all the corny stuff in stores... i like the idea of doing a little extra for one another.
i don't want to sound contradictory - cause i love valentines day.. i just hate how certain couples rely on this one day and claim to "love" "respect" etc their partners.

this year i'm taking my boyfriend to the spa!