I've been an awful blogger lately! I need a slap on the wrist. I've just been insanely busy with school and friends and weekends and figuring my life out after graduation...important decisions to be made! I'm excited for a change though. Regular blogging should resume by tomorrow/the end of the week (aka I will act crazygiddy over all the NYFW shows that I have absolutely DIED over so far *coughmarcjacobsbetseyjohsonhervelegerpreenJILLSTUARTcough* and post way too many pictures).

I'm just stopping in to tell you all I've been nominated (along with a few other fabulous ladies!) by london rose in a fashion competition. So if you want to check out all the entries, you can view the competition here and vote for me here. Thanks again to Hannah over at london rose, you are too sweet!

PS. I just bought white high tops & am seriously crushing them like this! Possibly DIY?
cred:cobrasnake, obv


filthy lust said...

want those converse!

She said said...

You should definitely do that to your high tops... I am VERY tempted to do the same.

Lo said...

I saw those and was thinking the same thing!

Isabel said...

Duuuuuude! Those Converse are the coolest DIY ever!