i miss the still of the silence asyoubreatheout &ibreathein


I'm exhausted and so sleepy, but with no time to stop moving.
I love the T by Alexander Wang collection and the whole dreamy, laziness of the photo is exactly where I wish I was right now.
I have 3 papers and 2 midterms all to be finished by tomorrow at 5pm.
Le siiigggghhhh. Wish me luck!


geri said...

ughhh good luck!! in due time you will be stress free, living it up!!

Alicia/InstantVintage said...

Just think of how relieved you're going to be at 5:01. Now get cracking!! Pop a vivarin if you need to. =P

filthy lust said...

good luck miss!

Georgie said said...

Oh no, so much work. Good Luck!