*laughing* are you going to write about this on your blog??

I never really gave a lot of thought to gold leggings. I was sort of indifferent and sort of in the "if you can pull them off then keep on it" train of thought. That thought is still with me, but I've come to realize that in the real world, the world outside of runways, models, and editorials, they don't always translate that easily. I'm not saying it can't be done, because I've always been one to take a little bit of risk. However, I say stick to Balenciaga's S/S '07 show when looking for inspiration, and proceed with caution.
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Isabel said...

This collection was unforgettable.

Wanderlusting said...

SeXy! But outta my league. I play it on the safe side with leggings and tights. In fact I had a pair of comic book tights and had to pass them on to fellow blogger Ashleigh cuz it just ain't me. Model legs and confidence are what I need :)

x0x0 Lusty

filthy lust said...

never been a fan of the gold leggings, too hard to pull off without looking tacky for a non-supermodel.

Georgie said said...

I like it but ridiculously hard to pull off when living in the 'real world'.

yoooo. said...

i love it.