nice legs daisydukes makes a man go whistlewhistle

The weather in Florida, especially here at home has been ridiculously good. Sunny, clear, and blue. Not to mention it's the perfect temperature for the beach, which I visited yesterday. I went alone and just sprawled out reading and napping on and off all day--it was a much needed escape from reality. This afternoon, my friends and I laid around in the driveway at Dawn's house while washing our cars and it felt like summer. It makes me want a sprinkler (one of those cool ones, you know the ones!) and an ice cream truck. Bare legs and cutoffs have already made an appearance, so I think it's safe to say summer has officially arrived.
(f21 top, skirt, tights, guess? boots)

PS. The minutes I clicked on images of the Isabel Marant A/W 09 show, I knew these boots were going to pop up fast. I love them. They seem like the perfect, everyday studded ankle boots. I just feel like you could do so much with them:
emmanuelle alt via jak+jil


Wanderlusting said...

F*CK! ME WANT! *drool*

style munch said...

stud heaven. xx

Georgie said said...

Those studded boots are to die for!