we'll both be safe til st patrick's day

As my last official St. Patty's as a college student, we got banded at 8 a.m. and were drinking free beer by noon. Hiiiii festivities hiii celebration (hi fail). Two hours in and we were already breaking it down on the dance floor to Lady Gaga and Dirt Nasty.
  • Subway, which is quite blurry and my "OMgFDSSGHzz plz can ihaz xtra muzstarddd" while my sub was being crafted resulted in WAY too much mustard and me only eating half of my footlong veggie.
  • Finding a red plastic heart in my purse, which resulted in making my friends all pose with it while I took their picture.
  • Losing my wallet in the cab while we went home for a "break" in which we laid out by the pool for an hour and a half (wallet was recovered though, but in a really sketchy manner...nbz).
  • Starting the second half of the night in matching Hanes tee's, cutoffs, and Chucks (only did we realize the next morning the idiocy of that decision). I wore blue shoe on one foot and yellow on the other. All while drinking in the parking lot behind the bar...for no reason...the drinks were free.
Starting at noon and ending the night at 1 a.m. seems like a huge win in my book. As much as I cannot wait to graduate in May and move in August, I'm going to miss carefree days like this.


rubot said...

looks like a crazy/fun day!!

you put my irish self to shame!!:]


Isabel said...

YES, three cheers for green beer! I stayed in doing homework that night and then watched a bizarre movie. I am weird though.

Wanderlusting said...

You look adorable.

I miss college days :(

Anonymous said...

looks like a pretty aswesome night:))

The Queen of Hearts said...

You and your friends are adorable. And is that a tattoo of a ribbon on your wrist? Loves.


stephanie alex said...

i love those green shades

Twobreadsplease said...

Free drinks are always a wonderful idea. x

Cari said...

I love your pictures. I wish mine turned out like that! http://isnotfashion.blogspot.com/