I graduate in two weeks. TWO VERY SHORT WEEKS. It still hasn't hit me yet. I plan on moving to South Florida with Dawn and I would absolutely love it if our new place constantly had fresh ballons grazing the ceiling above our chandelier at all times. I CANNOT WAIT for us to get started decorating our new place because it's going to be the fucking ISH. I'm going to attempt to recover *furniture* which is pretty epic in itself.
Anyway, as part of the countdown, my friends and I fully intend to spend as much time together as humanely possible and party our sequined shorts off. I've been primping at Dawn's house and drinking copious amounts of wine and later I'll be off to the Money Grub tour featuring Dirt Nasty tonight. Yes the background of the website is a Louis Vuitton knockoff. I hope all of you have a sick evening, as I know I will =)


Krystal said...

good luck! moving brings so much fun with changes x

pistolwhipped said...

we love dirt nasty! he is so trashy good! lots of love pistolwhipped xxx