DOUBLE chicken noodle soup needs salt

(happy 420)
Like I mentioned recently in a prior post, I graduate college in two weeks. So, I'm taking full advantage of all the silly things you can use the excuse "I'm in college!" for until then (like shotgunning a Bud Select). Right now is my last week of classes EVER (unless I end up going to grad school) and honestly? It's REALLY weird dude. I've been procrastinating on picking up my cap & gown for the simple fact that doing that makes it so...final. Speaking of final, final exams are in two weeks and I've got to do *da bomb* on them, so wish me luck! xx
bud select, forever 21 shirt over (jessie's) forever 21 dress, gianni bini moto boots, hot topic cuff


alex said...

I <3 cuffs-I <3 beer.

andrea said...

You don't have to stop shotgunning beers after you graduate (I didn't)!

Anonymous said...

congrats on finishing school, celebratory shotgun!

Isabel said...

GOOD LUCK!! I can't believe I'm done my first year, let alone all four! No worries, you'll be amazing.

Hippie Frou Frou said...

Graduating college IS weird! totally feel ya, don't let it get you down//the fun doesn't end when you graduate, trust me :))

jess s//

pistolwhipped said...

haha just found your blog very cute! lots of love pistolwhipped xx


Y said...

I love this skirt!

Anonymous said...

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