humpday insomnia

I can't sleep and all these things (I'd kill for the A.Wang denim bag and that Wildfox Couture tiger tee) have been on my mind for days. And since I'm awake, I figured I'd do something slightly productive (yes, Polyvore counts!). I have a paper due tmrw which is why I stayed up, but I knocked it out alot faster than I thought I would. Topic: advertising of branded merchandise to children and how it affects them. Pretty easy. We were required to go to Toys 'R Us and watch a children's movie. I watched Wall-E because it's good and the way he says "Eva" makes me laugh (and because I am a giant nerd who actually enjoys that sort of thing).
I'm going to see Dirt Nasty aka Simon Rex (among others) tonight with all of my friends and I'm super stooooooked. Can't wait!

PS. Has anyone BEEN to Toys 'R Us lately? Is it just me or it is dirty? and cheap? and should have gone out of business awhile ago? WEIRD. When I was little, that place was the shit.


Georgie said said...

I remember toys r us being a very magical place when I was younger but when I went a few years a go it seemed a bit too creepy. I would never let my child run through the aisles alone.
And I love the lion head t-shirt.

♥ fashion chalet said...

thanks gorgeous :)
your comment means a lot.
hope all is well. xo!

Alex said...

Ditt on the insomnia + knocking out things faster than expected. I spent half an hour from like 330-4 making a new playlist on my itunes, pff.

&& Yes on the toys r us. cheap and Gnasty with a capital G.

Blicious said...

awwwwww. happy hump day!