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Over the weekend, I did a DIY. Yes, I, queen of lazy, did something myself. I'm pretty proud of the whole ordeal. After seeing PARK & CUBE's DIY on the Alexander Wang (scroll down a bit) chain shorts, I really wanted to try it. Although I like the color of her denim a bit more, and she's way better a proper shredding, I am a poor college student with no money for silly things like proper tools. Instead, I use a hammer. Anyway, I debuted them Monday night:
After a couple beers, I was REALLY excited about them. Which anyone who follows me on Twitter got to observe firsthand (sorry).
Thanks again Park & Cube for mastering it first and showing us wee minions like myself.
DIY chain shorts, express sheer tee, shredded primark tights, primark bag


filthy lust said...

very nice.

Christine said...

they came out dope!

Anonymous said...

sooo awesome

white lightning said...

LEAHHHH! those are INCREDIBLEEEE. verrry very very impressed.

ginger said...

last photo is hott

Shini said...

Heey great job on this! I actually like the colour of your denim more, and great handiwork, the eyelets and chaining looks flawless! :D

ELLE said...

This looks great honey! I wish I had the time for a DIY. ARGH Finals!