long live the queen

Disregard my gnarly feet? Last night was so packed when we were out. There were tons of people there that I hadn't seen in awhile, some I was happy to see and others not so much. About thirty minutes after we got there, my shoe broke in half. The wood just snapped. No idea why because it's only the second time I had ever worn them. The heel half was still strapped to my ankle, but I was walking on the front half for a little while a la Nina Ricci F/W 2009. Thankfully one of my friends arrived just in time with a pair of shoes to change into. I dusted my shouldahz off and continued my night. Which was fun and ended in an epic 80s playlist.
oldold kenzie shirt, vint levis, thrifted belt, bcbg shoes andholymolyimnotwearingblack!


filthy lust said...

ooh nice and bright, glad your disaster was averted.

Lobelia said...

I love your blog name, I just had to say itxD

Anonymous said...

love those shoes!!!

Alice. said...

This top is gourgous... Great blogg x

sa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.