offoff with your head dancedance til youre dead

After happy hour last night, followed by continuous alcohol consumption until nearly 4am, today was more about sleeping, going to lunch, and doing random things. Like getting a tattoo. I got a new one, it's on my wrist and I love it. Dawn drew it for me =) You can see it here and while you're there, follow me on Twitter. Sorry my legs look totally awkward in the last photo?
im wearing: hat&dress: f21, shoes: primark


alex said...

Love the hat. But how in the worllllld do you wear a hat in that florida heat?!

Mary said...

Hats take a certain amount of confidence, oddly enough.
You look excellent though.
I like the shoes a lot too.

Isabel said...

I want those shoesssss!

yoooo. said...

cuuute outfit,

the yyy's are amazing.