can heather find a job that wont interfere with her tan?

Yep, I am officially part of Florida State University's alumni network. Can I get a "thisfeelsbananas?!" Four years flew by faster than I ever thought they could. I don't think it has even really hit me yet? The weekend was great and filled with tons of excellent food, friends, family, and lots&lots of booze. So much so that I am actually happy to have a 9-5 over summer so I can chill out a little bit. I plan on spending my time (when I'm not a *work*) laying out by the pool, hitting the gym, DIYing, and browsing thrift stores for furniture for Dawn & I's apartment in South Florida.
ps. my hat was too big, as was my robe. cap&gowns for bachelor's degrees are so boring. the phd kids had way cooler hats.


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congratulations!!!! xoxo

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Amazing! Congratulations!

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yaaay leah, congrats!

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thanks everyone!!!

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Congrats :)
The last pic is fantastic.