i must get around to dying my hair asap

lounging around plush hotels in miami. i wore this during my stay a few weeks ago before dawn & i went downstairs to wreak havoc at the poolside bar.
f21 skirt, f21 bustier top, hot topic cuff, shoes from random store
in other news, adam lambert is gay. more importantly, WHY IS THIS NEWS. it's so obvs (i love him). also, bret michaels' face got all busted up at the tony awards. why was he at the tony awards? am i missing something? end random thoughts for the day.


la petite fashionista said...

you look so cute! i adore all your outfits. I just dyed my hair too, i get antsy if it's the same for too long.

Ashleigh said...

cute shoes ;)

Isabel said...

Is your hair naturally brown and you dye it black? I can't even tell! You look fabulous, girrrlll.

Joelyne said...

what an awesome outfit!


Atenea said...

I like the skirt, and the sandals :)
The color of your hair is very pretty.

F Blog said...

loving your shoes!

clairegrenade said...

i loooooove teh yellow & black combo!

&& those shoes are super fabulous!

♥ fashion chalet said...

lol, Leah :) I always love your comments. PS: did you get the memo yet? You look hot in yellow! WOW!


Eri said...

Great blog!
Please come and visit me.
My fashion blog is inspired by Portobello Road, London.
Hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

you look great in yellow!

chickdowntown.com-Ashley said...

I love your outfit in this picture! I'm not one for bold bright colors, but I think this worked out great. Any suggestions how looks with bright colors for summer?

Leah said...

thanks everyone you guys are too much fun!

isabelllll - its brown and currently dyed black, but has been pretty much every color.

ashley - i'm usually not one for brights either, but i loved the flirty look of this skirt. to keep bright colors in vibe with my personal style i like to pick fun pops of color and keep the rest of my outfit simple and hard.