i take so many pictures inside the bathroom stalls

this dress has a very kelly kapowski (morris) feel to it, yeah? i think the dress is actually a long sleeved top to nurses scrubs or something like that, but i took some scissors to the neckline and cut it so it fit around as a tube top and then tied the long sleeves around the back into a bow. it made this drapey open hole in the back and actually ended up looking pretty neat, although sadly i didn't get a picture of it. hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!
dress - thrifted, boots - gift from my sister, (classy bathroom stall - bullwinkles)


geri said...

loving your kelly kapowski rendition. xoxo

Isabel said...

Saved By the Bell!


haha nice pic!

Wendy said...

The angle of the photo is very cool.

didisridi said...

oh the dress is so cute but booots r awesomeeeeeeeee

FashionLayne said...

Bathroom pics are the best. totally agree :)

I like ur blog!