21+ meets tarzan meets jane

This was thrown on last minute Friday night due to the fact that currently my clothes are stuffed and folded into a few large bins (moving sucks). It's so time consuming to dig through them, so I've just been pulling one or two pieces out at random and working with them. This leopard dress has been sitting in my closet for years unworn since I picked it up at some insane buy1get3free sale, so I'm glad to see it finally get some love. We went out for happy hour drink specials earlier in the night and ended up at another bar dancing to 90s music on the upper deck's spring floor. The bouncing floor makes everything a little crazier, especially when an all you can drink happy hour and Blink 182's "What's My Name Again" is involved.
dress - wet seal, vest - thrifted, shoes - guess?, cuff - hot topic
ps. i finally got around to using my lookbook invite. if anyone is interested the button is to the right. anyone readers on? say hello!


la petite fashionista said...

Loving the leopard. moving sucks! I was at AJ's on Friday too! I love the musical selection haha.

i'm sososo excited for Europe! Any must-sees you reccommend?

Isabel said...

Hellz yes, the denim + leopard is sooo 90s!

Haha, oh Blink 182. My bf likes them in a a "nostalgic way" and I tease him mercilessly for it!

Joelyne said...

hey beautiful. what a gorgeous dress! i'm surprised you've had it for years and have only just worn it!

gorgeous outfit!!!


Cathy said...

Love your blog!

Just trying to spread the word!
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Anonymous said...

awesome dress! looks great with the denim vest

sarah said...

Cool outfit, love the denim waistcoat,moving sucks, I totally agree, and I'm going to be moving soon too.