welcome to miami

Dawn & I ended up going to Miami this past weekend because my Dad had us a room at the Fontainebleau and offered to fund our weekend. It was a really good getaway and it gave the two of us a good opportunity to apartment hunt for our big move down to South Florida.
blueberry mojitas, the first of many drinks
the elevator
wearing: goodwill leather skirt, lace shirt from target, calvin klein pumps, dawn's gucci bag
oh just a trip to the liquor store...nothing out of the ordinary.
the sunset, so beautiful right?
my dinner outfit: dress was a gift from marquita, random brand knockoff shoes, gucci bag, f21 belt
we took off our shoes and went down to the ocean
the water is so blue and so clear here (shoes: dawn's, betsey johnson)
planting our feet in our new home

I hope everyone had a good weekend, too!!


Isabel said...

Gucci! Alcohol! You are the greatest person ever.

Ashleigh said...

alcohol is looking pretty danm good right about now...haha

kayleigh said...

love your hair

♥ fashion chalet said...

you look gorgeous, love the dinner outfit :) and this weekend is supposed to rain too :(

x, thanks!

Mary M. said...

i'm on vacay too and it's pretty much the best thing ever. have fun!

Anonymous said...

yay! congrats on your move! you look beautiful! love the pic of you at the liquor store. reminds me of a cobrasnake.

Anonymous said...

i love the lace shirt with the leather skirt, hot!

Danielle said...

Love your blog and your dinner outfit!! So sexy/chic!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.