factory girl

My good (and crazy) friend Marquita likes to play games like "okay if you could be a character on [insert cheesey TV show here], who would you be?" and she likes to pick songs by well known artists and dedicate them to her friends. Recently she's decided to "dedicate" each member of our little fivesome a song by The Rolling Stones. She's deemed my appropriate song to be Factory Girl. I'll take it.
This shirt is my Dad's from who knows how long ago when he was a major hippie. Who am I kidding? He still is.
When I was in high school I stupidly cut slashed the neck off with scissors, making it way too wide which leads to it falling completely off my shoulder at all times. It can get pretty annoying so I've tried alot of things to get it to fit properly, including giant red safety pins.
Here I ended up pulling it up as a tube top and tying the sleeves together in a bow in the back and I liked the way it toughened up the flouncy skirt.
PS--new layout? Yes/no?
skirt: borrowed from marq, shirt: dad's, shoes: random, watch: toywatch, cuff: hot topic


CharmaineLi said...

love your outfit.. that tee is amazing!

Isabel said...

You look excellent!

Pah, I hate ruining perfectly good t-shirts by attempting to alter them. I lost an Elton John, and Bad Religion AND a Joy Division t-shirt over the years. I've done it many times and have finally learned my lesson and am just leaving them alone!

Style Bird said...

Love this outfit..great skirt!! And shoes.

Wendy said...

I like how you used that tee. And PBR!


Love that skirt, adorable. And I really love that you paired such a feminine skirt with a tough vintage tee. Not such a fan of the PBR though...

5thandsweet said...

Well arent you just the cutest thing out =)