if you blow out, you wont vom

My birthday was Friday. I am 22 years young.
When my friends asked the wait staff to sing to me, they also had them replace cake with tequilla shots. I have good friends.
going in for the kill.
the post-shot shudder.
my sister thinks it's funny.
wearing: vintage tunic (check out those sleeves!) - gift from marquita, cuffs - f21, hot topic


in the violet light said...

well happy birthday!

that drink sure looks yummy! what is it? it looks like a red mojito!

InnyVinny said...

Happy birthday! And yes, you have great friends. =D

Anonymous said...

awww i love your tunic and your new hair. glad you had a great birthday!

Isabel said...

Happy birthday!!!

Megan said...

thats a cute tunic :D

Anonymous said...

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