Since I am in the middle of a move, my closet right now consists of a plastic bin stuffed to the brim with clothing and it is getting increasingly difficult to put a decent outfit together when everything is crumpled into a ball. So, last monday night I decided to raid Marq's closet and found this absolutely gorgeous top. It was breezy, baggy, and comfortable--just how I like it.
My hours in Tallahassee are coming to an end. On Friday I will be well on my way to a South Florida.
top: notting hill london & borrowed from marquita, jeans: f21, shoes: bcbg, bag: f21
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Style Bird said...

Love these jeans.

Hippie Frou Frou said...

great jeans/purse/tunic!!

jess s////

Isabel said...

Excellent outfit! I love how the slashed jeans aren't too exaggerated and the top is so flowy!

la petite fashionista said...

just as your leaving tally i'll be arriving! good luck in South FL!

p.s. marquitas shirt is so cute?! i'm on the hunt for unique finds like that

erin said...

great jeans!

and yes yes, i'd , love to exchange links!



5thandsweet said...

Oh I slashed my jeans the other week.. They are all I wear now =) I also slashed my fav denim jacket.. hard for me to do but so worth it! Looks a million bucks..

I love your blog =)