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Today is the last day for the contest! I'll be picking the winner tmrw so get your last minute entries in now girlfrieeeendz!
Anywhooo, sorry for being such a slow lame blogger this past month. It's been busy working and partying and getting ready for my big move (ONE MONTH AWAY SO STOKED!). Dawn & I finally signed a lease on an adorable little condo that I promise I will debut photos of soon enough. I thrifted this Mickey Mouse tee during one of Goodwill's 50% off all clothes days. I brought it home and promptly chopped off the baggy sleeves, turning it into a sort of sleeveless dress. I wore it out dancing (read: raging) with Marquita and the boy last Monday. Does anyone else feel insanely sexy when incorporating lingerie into everyday wear? It's liberating.
thrifted mickey mouse tee, victoria's secret knee highs, tory burch patent black flats, betsey johnson & vera wang for kohls necklaces, f21 bag


Christine said...

so original

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

hey babes ♥ it's Hannah from LONDON--ROSE.
I just wanted to say sorry about disappearing for a couple of months - something happened in my personal life and I needed time out... but now I'm back! and my blog is going to be even bigger and better - I have sooo much work to do over the next couple of days but am going to put in 100%.
anywayyy I just wanted to let you know I'm back lol! your blog looks AMAZING as always x & I love all the outfits!
♥ Hannah ((london--rose.blogspot.com))

Alice in Wardrobe Wonderland said...

Ahhhh, love the Mickey Mouse tee x


Isabel said...

Ahhh, duuuude - I've always wanted to thrift a Mickey shirt like that. And dayummm, it looks so badass with the lacy stockings.

Ashleigh said...


if I were a guy.....

Ill stop right there

this is SUCH an awesome look

ThatManJustYawned said...

slutty as hell, and 100% awesome.

Anonymous said...

oh i LOVE this

chicmuse said...

nice look. like it


Anonymous said...

It is the truth.

Anonymous said...

Excuse, the phrase is removed