little kanga

wearing: mens shirt, jcrew rainboots, margarita with an extra shot
Marquita's leaving to go live and be cool in Australia in about a week, so she came down and spent a solid 5 days with Dawn & I. We went out, wreaked havoc, and got soaked at the Dave Matthews show this past weekend. Also, I didn't really get the whole theme behind the Cruzan Amphitheatre (where the show was) until I got there. It just means there is an abundance of rum. Like.
PS: does anyone know how to use the Google AdSense thingymuhbobber? There are Trojan condom ads in my side bar and I haven't decide if there is any humor in it just yet.


Ashleigh said...

looking at it now and no condom ads :P ...haha

you always look like such a cutie..

Isabel said...

Condom ads? Weird! Better safe sex than no sex.

marquita said...

hahahaha @isabel

LACY said...

haha i luv those pink rainboots :)


La Chauve-Souris said...

you have a cool style girl

Jowy said...

whahahahaha those boots are awesome!

One Love,

Maverick Malone said...

Cute photo...lol @ the condom ads...which I didn't see, but the thought of it, lol!

xox, mavi