high school cool

grab your old letterman jacket and turn your ex boyfriend's winning game football into a pair of knickers.

...wait, i wasnt cool in high school, i never had a letterman, and i've never dated a boy who played football.
alexander wang, you are the answer.
dude, who am i kidding? this beats high school "cool" into a bloody pulp. those leopard shoes kill me overandoverandover, i LOVE them! im also obsessed with kneesocks at the mo' so i dig it. anyway, i always like a. wang because he always stays true to himself. no matter the season, his collection still always looks like his.
what'd UUU think? leave your opinions after the beep. *beep*


Isabel said...

I'm really not digging this at all. But maybe once I see it styled off the runway? Who knows.

jameson ruth said...

mmm every time i see this collection i fall in love with it all over again. he's a fucking genius.

Fashion Court said...

i'm liking what i see from this collection :o)

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

loveeee that collection so much, especially the first dress :)

♥ Hannah



laila said...

hahaha your comments are hilarious! your shud consider being a copywriter for an ad agency or something!